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Wallpaper Or Paint First

To paint over wallpaper start by cleaning the wallpaper with trisodium phosphate which will remove any oils and chemicals on the wallpaper so its easier to paint over.

Wallpaper or paint first. Yes wallpaper can be painted over. Depends if wallpaper is finished paper or one you paint if finished paper paint first that way you get no paint on the new wallpaper. Then cover any seams in the wallpaper with joint compound so they dont show through the paint.

However if it is a finished paper it is not to paint then paint your ceiling then your woodwork then hang your wallpaper washing down gently with clean warm water. Never use shiney paint. Painting over wallpaper can look really bad.

Quality vinyl wallpaper thats professionally installed can last up to 15 years with little maintenance source. Moisture from paint can often loosen wallpaper glue causing bubbles or peeling. If you have long edges of wallpaper unrolling or air bubbles beneath the surface you will be better off removing it completely.

For some people wallpapers durability can be a problem. And in 999 of cases it should be white and no other color. Try painting a small area first to see how it will look.

Ceiling is always first when doing a complete room. Any existing wallpaper will need to be removed and walls primed before painting as well. In addition to applying a primer try to use oil based paints to minimize the impacts of moisture of adhesives source.

One thing to be cautious of is the odor of fresh paint. No like really really bad. Ive painted over wallpaper many times with good results.

Do i wallpaper or paint first. If the paint is going to be a lighter color than the wallpaper or the wallpaper has a printed pattern it might need an undercoat so the wallpaper pattern doesnt show through. Wallpaper and paint can range in price from the low end to the high end of the cost spectrumwallpaper on average is more expensive to purchase the rolls supplies and to have it installed.

Paint on average is cheaper and requires very few supplies and an amateur can apply it. Wednesday october 17 2007.

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